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Pornography, he experienced, is actually perfect for this goal

Even if they might perhaps not learn that it, for example inspections was indeed main in order to Money's theory out of exactly how students make a sense of themselves since boy or girl - and thus, into the Money's brain, were crucial to brand new successful outcome of Joan's sex reassignment

While you are wanting to probe this new twins' intimate psyches, Currency along with attempted their hand in the coding Kevin's and meetme chat Joan's respective feeling of themselves as the child and woman. One of his true ideas regarding how children function its different "gender systems" - Money's identity - are that they have to discover, while very young, the difference between male and female intercourse body organs. "Specific intimate pictures," he blogged in the book Sexual Signatures, "can and may be taken as an element of a good kid's intercourse education"; such as for instance images, the guy said, "reinforce their own gender title and you can gender character."