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In certain branches, there is a separation anywhere between kiddies, for every single group having leaders of the same intercourse

The concept of the “intimate group” which originated with Ha-Shomer ha-Za'ir and was emulated by many other Jewish youth movements also strengthened the girls' status in another respect. The individual youth movement groups served as a fraternity or small family in which an emotional attraction, common to both sexes in the group, was a crucial factor. Again, it seems that the relative maturity of the girls, together with the emphasis on their emotional importance within the group, reinforced their role within the group.

On top of that, the brand new sexual category performed including a family, which had just their “brothers” and you will “sisters” and also their “father” and you can “mom.” These people were the male and you may female teens frontrunner correspondingly, who portrayed adult rates toward children.

These characteristics of your Jewish childhood path, utilizing the culture of vanguard girl, had been transferred to the Jewish youngsters organizations within the Holocaust.

The fresh Jewish childhood actions went on most of their unique items while in the the original chronilogical age of The second world war (1939–1942).