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The Meme Account Hilariously Exposing Creepy Asian Fetish Guys on Tinder

Whenever Lillian (aka ) enrolled in Tinder, the meme creator soon noticed that her connection with the dating platform ended up being significantly dissimilar to compared to her white counterparts. “I realized that I became getting plenty of terrible communications that my white female buddies will never,” she states. “Often, those communications fetishized me.”

Lillian initially setup her account in 2017 to poke enjoyable during the guys whom slid I would like to try my very first Asian girl. into her inbox with lines like “I’ll consume your pussy like shrimp fried rice” and “” (Lillian would not want to reveal her final title, citing privacy issues.) The longer she spent on Tinder, the greater she registered the connections that are uncomfortable exactly exactly what she encountered regarding the social sites for making friends application plus the racism and sexism that Asian females endure in real world.